About Us

Fundamental Technologies LLC is your answer to all of your
Information Technology needs.
Kevin Mitchell, owner and manager has over 30 years of computer experience from programming to repair and maintenance to specialty applications. We offer applications written in php, js, html and, sometimes jsp.

Fundamental Technologies has clients who range from billion dollar companies to family run small businesses and individuals. There is no IT situation too big or too small for FT. We take great pride in being able to serve a wide variety of needs and areas.

We can set up, monitor and streamlive your next event, connect you to various offices worldwide, keep your data safe and secure, design and manage a website, install servers, construct networks, custom build a system... Whatever you can think we can build.

The beauty of IT is how global it is. I can accomplish what you need from almost any part of the globe. We may never even have to come to your office! (But we sure can if you want us to)