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July 19th, 2013

Roller Coasters and Tech Stuff

March 29th, 2012

I feel like I am on a roller coaster, maybe that’s the mental health issues, maybe it’s that I get very in tune and co dependant on my technology, combine that with an OCD sense of of order as far as my computer life and you get a wild ride. 

I was so close to bailing on th iPhone again last night due to a 2 fold thing that came back to the same basic issue.  The issue is Apple’s misguided attempt to convince us that they are “forced” to protect the rights of the owners of every mp3 mp4 acc etc out there in the world, this is the reason you will get if you ask why your iPod or iPhone can’t sync with more than one computer.  Heres the rest of the details… no other manufacturer seems to be “forced” to make this impossible, my windows phones, Zune, Creative Zen and every other cheapo mp3 player laying around the house can simply be copy pasted to like a flash drive.. simple, event the baby toy ones of my 4 year olds collection. 

But not Apple products for love nor money youa re not even allowed to see your precious mp3s once they are sent off to magic “whoknowswhatdirectoryland” in the iPhone, without a ittle work the only directory the iPhone will show you is DCIM for images.  As for the sync with only one computer thing try this on for size…. “For the Protection Of DRM” you can only sync your device with one computer…. buuuuutttt…. you can sync 283,987 iPods/iPhones to one computer…. well that sounds a lot more like the example of copying your CDs and putting them in every player you own than using more than on computer to add content from differnet librarys you may have available, so as Judge Judy says, it does not have the Ring of Truth….

So The real blaring issue I had was that on my poor sad work computer where I randomly first chose to sync my phone because I happened to be at work that day, did not much care for iTunes, now truth be told neither do I !  iTunes is a fine example of truly aweful software and the single reason I refused to buy an iPod over any other brand no matter how pretty they made them.  At one point my boys were gifted iPods and the battle ensued, our now centrally loacted network based perfectly legally owned music collection that had read only permissions set up and 12 Windows Meadia players connected that could each play anything from the library in the same household now had to have read write permissions and only one player could be open if  iTunes was open yada yada yada yada, all to falsely make us believe it was to protect DRM because Apple had themselves ben appointed sherrif…. BS…. so the boys would yell out to close players… open iTunes… quickly move the desired content to the iPods… then close iTunes… re-open Windows Media and holler the all clear…

Back to the point… my work computer and now single monogamous soulmate to my brand new phone despite their 10 year age difference were having trouble with big brother iTunes, iTunes was cauasing all manner of networking issues with the Domain I work on and folder availability and also seemed random and sketchy as to weather it could find it’s soulmate iPhone… and there is of course no button to push to try to help it find it (Thanks Steve, seriously what the heck is wrong with buttons ????) so I thought mmm I’ll just move this to another computer….

Add to this that every night since getting the new toy I have wanted to tinker with it once home but alas my work computer declined to ride home wiht me each night.

Oh boy !  Apples official word and this is like about everything I try to do on a Mac from simply saving a files to opening a webpage or navigate open windows…. “NO” came the answer, if you pair it with a “new” computer you will have to “erase and sync” Erasing all songs, movies, apps, etc.   OK so on the surface “big deal” right? I have all my music… I have all my apps.. no big deal… well nobody and I mean NO BODY could do more than speculate weather removing the apps would remove the SETTINGS for the apps, like saved remote computer addresses, passwords, ftp sites, for me this represents days of typing on a little on screen keyboard… days….  Many of the smarter ones questions why Apple would care if you saved your settings and I agree but the thing is if you delete and app on the phone it clearly states without a choice that all of the related data will be nuked too, and back to that whole you can’t see it business its not Like I could just export the registry like I used to with Windows or copy the app data folder…

So Not being willing to lose 14 days of a relationship I put a lot of effort into according to Apple I could “Never Sync Again” or “Start Over”  I’m  stubborn… and I have Friends… and Google…. and a LOT of computer experience….  One suggestion that came up was to beat on the work computer enough to secure a sync for the day, connect to new computer and “erase and sync” and just see if the settings stayed, knowing that I could restore from that limping computer afterward if not… I weighed that with 3 factors, One I was not 100% sure the old work computer would even find the phone and restore succesfully, Two, I was fairly convinced by the choiceless manual removal that it would delete settings not that Apple “cared” but that witht he given system there just was no physical way… part of the positive aspect of when you remove it from Apple it does not leave behind pesky stuff like Windows does… two different schools of thought…  anyway THIRD… I had just gotten done reading over 100 forum entries that all sounded similar to the following “after the restore, thats when all the problems started” so Iopted not to NEVER click “Erase and Sync” for as long a I lived.  I’ll just do a fresh build when its time…

Now over the years I have fooled a lot of hardware into believing it was another piece of hardware to solve various problems so i just felt it had to be possible at a minimum to fool one phone and one computer into thinking they were already married, heck this works in movies about Vegas all the time.   Short answer it is possible and its not all that hard if you are methodical.

The other side of this whole “you can’t put music on it thing” was that what I do in part is sound reinforcemnt / production, so frequently I will create original content or collect content in the field far away from my work computer on a laptopr or other device and need to then “paste” it onto my player for playback, so its not acceptable to me the owner of the content to have Apple tell me that I can’t take my own sound and put it on my phone without driving or flying back to DL to connect it to my “ONE” computer… just plain stupid, a stupid rule for a stupid reason that does not even come close to accomplishing the goal that is stated as the reason for the studid rule.

So for the sake of not having Apple come try to arrest me you will have to contact me privately if you want to know more about how to fool Married devices into a new relationship Monagamous (Divorce-Remarry) or Polyigamous (Marry Multiples) or Polyamourous (Just Sleep around) but it can be done. and it can be done without “JailBreaking” the phone a ruining the warranty… another rule for the sake of dumb rules whereby they have something to hold over your head as pressure, like warranty and updates…

All of that fun aside, the roller coaster eaking up the track slowly again, I left off with a rather difficult deal breaking headset issue last week.  I have now waited patiently for a headset my wife ordered because I was actually ready to simply return the phone I was so frustrated by the typical “lack of choice” in that I could not tell the phone to ignore the A2DP stereo portion of a headset so the phone only played ring tones and alarms in the earpiece when connected. I am discovering in many way that Apple has a decen tproduct here in basic but leaves a lot of the details to be worked out by the 3rd party folks by making band-aids for the shortcomings.  The upshot is with the popularity there is an ample supply of 3rd party folks willing to invest in doing so via apps or hardware etc,a nd the cost is reasonable, does not justify leaving out the setting but it helps workaround it.

So the work around if I can get used to it(and it seeams resonable)  is this, the Jabra Supreme headset suppors both A2DP and headset profiles and voice command and all that, and when “on” and connected sure enough the sound all goes to the earpiece, nicely enough this includes a voice telling you who is calling and various other things.  The unique part that I have seen on much older sets (Ieven had one once) is that folding over the little boom Mic turns the headset off, now my first reaction is that I am going to have to leave it folded and then get it out open it up and interupt the call to touch the on screen controls to switch it to the headset. SURPRISE as stated in the Jabra instructions if you leave it folded (OFF) and the phone rings simply get it out unfold it and put it on, it will connect and answer the call in time and it DOES !!

So hear the options (I love Options) and the learning curve, if I want “normal” leave the headset folded up saving it battery in the pocket or on desk and wait for the phone to ring, if it does I can answer on the phone like always or just unfold the headset and pop it on my ear, OR leave the headset unfolded and at this point likely on my ear so I can hear the extra information while remianing “silent” this could be useful for shows where I expect a call, and or other noisy environments where I tyoically miss the call due to not hearing it or driving alone where I dont mind the headset on my ear as much.   I can also of course choose to lave the headset unfolded and off my head and the phone in visual range for super fast response time in silent running like during production.  I think I can learn these habbits and maybe be ahead of the curve, i do like that silencing the phone is as easy as putting on the headset or at elast opening it.  I do also like the added in ear information during ring in noisy areas. 

Only one thing left to determine, and I am understandable nervous, will the “generation 3″ noise reduction circuit really overcome the fact the new headset has the microphone up in the cheek area pointing down and forward, My old trusty that I have been using is the big giant over the head with a boom mic that stick right in from of the mouth.  I settled on that after dozens of smaller headsets of all types brands costs etc.  Logically speaking the issue is noise reduction circuitry is desined to limit noise from all over and allow only “voice from the front” well in a noisey room full of people the “noise” is “voices from the front” juat a silly bit of logic there so if your into weed whipping while on the phone your fine, if your in a public place or office or theatre your hosed… 

Now this slick new Jabra (A former favorite brand as far as doing pretty well with smaller ones) does have the longer folding boom getting that preciosu Microphone down a good ways toward the mouth, and it  does posseda little second microphone on the side to determine noises from farther away to cancell them.  The upcoming weeks will tell, even though its very hard to test since I cannot talk into my phone and also be the other person to listen to myself while trying out different environments but if my pre big giant headset days taught me anything it was that being endlessly asked to repeat myself was the clue !  Heres hoping I dont have to.


Siri Is moody and communicates like most wives would :-)

March 21st, 2012

So I love the idea of location based reminders and the fact that I can set them while driving around by simply telling Siri, so I tried that out in real life today and found a hiccup. I would say “remind me, when I arrive at work to take out the trash” Siri says “OK when would you like to be reminded? you can be be reminded at a time or when you arrive at or leave a location” I say “When I arrive at work” siri repeats “OK when would you like to be reminded? you can be be reminded at a time or when you arrive at or leave a location” I say “When I arrive at work” siri repeats “OK when would you like to be reminded? you can be be reminded at a time or when you arrive at or leave a location” I say “When I arrive at work” siri repeats “OK when would you like to be reminded? you can be be reminded at a time or when you arrive at or leave a location” I say “When I arrive at work” siri repeats THEN she gets a “tone” I swear! and says “Kevin, I dont understand what your telling me. Now note all this time as I say things to her the screen echoes in type EXACTLY what I say, with alarming accuracy, but alas she does not seem to understand the very thing she told me to do (like a wife). After having a very heated argument wiht her I set her aside for later. When I was ready to speak to her again and she-I, I tried agian and she asked When would….. I replied “When I get to work” she said OK and politely set the appointment…. mmmm Seems Siri tells you “when you arrive” but can only be told “when I get to” so if you are having a spat ith siri out there and need to end the counciling and move on to her super servitude the try changing up the wording a bit, and try more mundane normal ways of saying it as opposed to the more formal way she may give the instruction. So lets see…. we have learned so far the iPhone over all is a superior product, the Bluetooth is well interesting and not totally the solution for all of BTs ails but may be just fine once I update my headset, that you have to treat Siri like a second wife, but like the first wife its well wort effort and always take time to cool off before yelling at any woman, wife or Siri….. They are from Venus, they communicate differently.


Through Therapy I have learned….

March 19th, 2012

I think part of the issue here is that for some time now Bluetooth has been on my lsit of “just plain bad specifications”  There are several out there and many survive in daily life like DVD, BT, etc…  Specifications are what define these things and  how they will work and interact with other devices accross brands and platforms etc.  So its really important for specifications to be clear and complete and consistant.  USB for example is a specification that just works, pretty much you can plug USB whatever into whatever and it works, magic…

BT (Blue Tooth) has ben a letdown since v 1 and with the discovery that iPhone had v4.0 I was super excited…. surely by version4 they will have it all worked out right ?  ummmm NO BT still stinks… better than it was to be sure, I recal the days of the 10 Meter range really turning out to be about 8 tenths of a meter.  But its not fixed yet, DVD same thing really, you can burn a DVD using the specification and then try to play it in 6 different players, same odds if you go to the casino… its just a crap shoot. 

So if we assign blame to the IEEE andcite BT as flawed Siri and I have something to work on…. Finding a BT device we can both live with.  Thats hard enough for me as it is if you take as a given that any BT device would work as advertised but as we see they don’t.  And likely due to the bad BT spec the reviews are all over the map on these things, I have been there before too, I have owned some of the “best” and found them useless.  My current fav being the VXI B250 XT over the head style, but as we disccussed in therapy the iPhone and  the B250 have “irreconcilable differences” Trouble is all the BT makers have some sort of fantastic “noise supression” system all focused on removing traffic noise or weed whippers or blenders etc while focusing on transmitting “voices from the front” where the little microphone that does not extend far enough is pointed.  Well the harse realitty folks is that for a lot of us “Noise” is defined by “voices in front of us”  crowded areas, shows, videos playing, screaming children, offices, public areas etc… so what does the headset pick up and transmit????

As far as my opinion and research has proven the physical microphone needs to be stuffed right in the pie hole for a good start, now I’m a sound guy so this is noise reduction 101… but BT people dont get it and for a not totally dumb reason, big headsets with boom mics suck to carry, I know I hate carrying mine, love using it, wish I had a caddy to follow me around to carry it…

As for the next few days I am stuck with my Plantronics short boom over the ear, a better copy of over the ear BTs as they go but between needing a fried to help wrestle in on my ear and and the mic being half way up my cheeck it falls short of truly useable.  Having in my pocket today has also left Siri answering a few false alarms with “what can i help you with”  as the button got mashed by whatever I was carrying….

I am calling a few surgeons to see if these things can be implanted in my ear and nose or something so they are where they belong…


And the Honey Moon is over, who will get the Kids in the divorce?

March 17th, 2012

For 3 days the iPhone was near perfect, one of the first things I discovered as being so perfect was it’s uncanny sense of finding and connecting to my bluetooth headset, I have a  phone headset and several stereo audio bluetooth devices.  In the past a pet peave with phones has been that when the bluetooth is connected the actual phone speaker wont ring… well I am not a “Blue Tard” so i am not going to walk around deaf in one ear by having that dumb thing on all the time, I put it on when the phone rings.. for 3 days the iPhone rang on the phone speaker andswerd on Blue tooth when the button on the head set was pressed and answered on the phone when the phone screen answer button was used and played music through the speaker or headphones (jack or BT A2DP) and placed calls alwasy on BT heaset, perfection !!!…. ad then it magically ended…. now it wont work at all on my one headset device, it says it’s there, it says it’s connected, no audio in or out…(headset work fine on old phone)  other devices all work but the sound ALL SOUND goes to the headset, silent phone.. Apple Care, as stated in every blog  and forum I have read is “Very Nice” but “Clueless” the answer  after endelss deleting and repairing and resettign of all settings was “well maybe it was compatible for a while but now its not” ?? really??  thats an answer??  the alternative solution “you could wipe out the whole phone and start completely over and maybe it will work again.”  MAYBE?? for how long ?? 3 days??   Upon deeper digging some people with some phones suggest “un-checking” “stereo audio” from the BT device in question… some of my older phones did have this function of the BT settings where you could select “headset” “stereo headphone” “com port” “active sync” etc etc…. turns out the brilliant iPhone has absolutly no settings at all for the devices other than “Forgrt This Device”  Apple as usual does not think we need to adjust anything, that they know best, and like not being able to even see the files on the thing you certainly cant change anything.

The iPhone 4s is now completely useless, I am unable to hold a phone to ear physically for more than 20-30 seconds and i cetainly cant keep working with one hand tied up if could do that while stupid people who still insist on using telephones call me all day long.  So the Brand new extremely expensive iPhone 4S Black 64 BG is going back  or going against a brick wall as so many have.  Same Crap, Different Phone, what a raging POS, and they had sooooooo many things right to completely ruin it with a deal breaker such this, a phone that has no usefull “phone” function.

Any body want an iPhone 4S bundled with a huge amount of expensive apps and accesories?


Siri is still my friend even though I told her I was married and had kids

March 15th, 2012

Siri is still my friend even though I told her I was married and had kids, yup turns out you can tell her about anythign and she remembers and uses it to your advantage.  You can even set location based reminders as simply as telling Siri to “remind me to call my wife when I leave work”  once she knows where you work and who your wife is. She even calls me by name.

I had a mini panick attack when I remembered in my excitement that Apple won’t support asf streaming video or flash for some reason but after a little digging I found a nice app called GPlayer that solves the issue quite smoothly. 

I found out about talk over and tripple clicking the home button too.  I also made my own adapter cable that allows head phones and a proffesional microphone to be connected to the headphone jack for recording and monitoring via headphone.  Pageant farewells may never be the same !

The other interesting thing is that while Apple won’t support windows media they do now support Exchange sync, that was one of the big changes that needed to happen before I could play the game, what is interesting about it is this… The exchange mail/calendar/notes/contacts app on the iPhone is by far superior to the “Pocket Outlook” on the windows mobile phones I have.  The threaded view and smooth interface make it very easy to read and find messages, spotlight seems to be able to find everything including my coffee cup if I buy the “personal GPS dongle” for it. 

The one issue remains to be signatures, I like the iPhone version of signatures better than the newest of my windows phones but less than the older windows phones.  The old windows phones let me have a custome signature for each email account and they kept them even after a reboot, the newer windows phone quite irritatingly would let you set them all but then the exchange account signature would revert to “Sent from my Sprint ES400s” every time it reboot (Daily grr.)  The iPhone allows and keeps a custom signature but only one that is used on all accounts.  I am not sure when the industry got confused as to what a signature is but it is supposed to be your personal closing and contact info like on a letter…. not an advertisemnt or other non custom thing.   I for one act as several different agents for different companies and need to sign the email with the correct one for each account.  So I made it generic on the phone, name and number, no company or job title or email listed etc.   This is at least better than reverting to “Sprint Commercial” every day.  I also think there are apps to help but I have not yet selected one that looks right.

On the plus side the iPhone allows access to all of my Outlook/Exchnage calendars rather than just the main one !!!!  and all of my contact lists including the Global contact list..   This has been a huge issue for a couple clients.  Still not Shared contacts or calendars, I think Exchange just does not offer that out yet in the api.

Well the new iPhone 4S is here and 24 hours old now !

March 14th, 2012

Well the new iPhone 4S is here and 24 hours old now !
its worth mention that this thing is a stellar piece of equipment, it performs exacly as it says it will and with lightning speed.  I speed blasted it with 4 pages of apps and all my settings and text tones and custom vibrations and 7 email accounts and so on to a degree somewhat embarasing and it still just does what I ask instantly.  Siri is just awsome, sending text while driving is now quite safe and easy, just touch my blue tooth headset button and tell Siri what to do!

So far only a few very small and expexcted shorcomings, there is no official support of apps to control from desktop like veency, my mobiler or pda reach yet, they make them but Apple has not yet approved them.  I hope they will soon but i am not going to risk having it no longer “just work” to get that function. I also wish the battery came out so I could have spares but I got lots of chargers very reasonably priced.

iTune remains iffy at best, the features within it to control the iPhone are wonderful, as always iTunes itself is sluggish, “hangy” and a little less than optimal, but well worth puting up with for the features it adds to the iPhone.  sync over WiFi is great and the WiFi function of the iPhone is super.

It has already made things easier by not having to look at every text to see if it an emergency during a meeting and when I had some gooey stuff on my hands today, the text tones and vibes saved the day. I was able to find a wonderful combined VNC and RDP app called pocketclound, there is a free and pro option and the features are better than any other mobile VNC / RDP app I’ve ever used so the iPhone went from “cant” a few years ago to “superior” for me in that one aspect, nicely done!

Change Makes All The Difference

March 13th, 2012

Ah Mobile Technology….
My wife tells me I will be eating a lot of crow in the coming weeks, this is likely true but I also thought it might be a good time to use the experience to share some tech insights and remind us all of how it’s a challenge in and of itself to keep abreast of the ever changing tech landscape.
So the big news? Well for many it’s something we deal with over and over and some people agonize over the decision and others kind of casually try this and that. I tend to be an agonizer and I also want all the details to be in perfect formation when I jump. Don’t take that to mean I wait a long time to adopt… no I am an early adopter, I just research develop and test at a frenzy pace. Oh yah the news… I decided on and ordered a new smart phone, I know right? Big deal ! nothing new for me right??? Well I chose the Apple iPhone 4S…. Now it’s news.
Not an easy choice and as I hinted earlier in my FB posts some things had to change for that to ever happen, what were they? And why? Well first some history for those of you who have not been present for all the phone throwing moments… For me the smart phone “thing” started a long time ago before they existed through a long progression driven at each step by a very specific set of needs which has evolved over time as much as the devices have. I had at some point several Palm Pilots back in the day and at some point beginning around the Palm Treo 90 days the first one called a “Treo” Palm always did a nice job with hardware and spiffy things like “Graffiti” the early hand writing recognition where all of us geek learned to scribble in a new way, at some point after a few early cell phones my Sprint Star Tac and My Treo 90 got married with Velcro and a homemade serial data cable and poof a proto type smart phone!! Now back in the day Sprint did not even offer or charge for a “Data” connection but you could make one at 14.4 kbps in the fashion that I did. I also connected the laptop this way as well and made a bracket for the smart phone to hang on the laptop, a little programming and a wired network out and I had the first “Hot Spot” too.
Ah how time flies. So anyway through the years my choice of devices and operating systems have always been limited by a specific set of tasks need to be done in my ultra geeky corporate network admin techno dude life, With each new device and each new thing I chose to manage or do a path formed. That path often driven by these specific needs formed a sort of forced compromise on what type of device I could use.
For the eating crow part, many of you may know of my not all the well hidden bafflement at the Apple line of products in general, now a lot of people take that as Apple hating or that I think they have no value, that’s not at all true, what bugs a deep down hard core “form ever follows function” nerd is that something as simple as advertising and hype have created a fever pitch frenzy over a line of products that is largely based on misconception. Ask anybody and they are convinced on some level that a Macintosh computer is better for “Graphics, Photos, Video, etc.” Hard Honest research will clearly depict this as not at all true in anyway. Preferences are preferences and so anybody can use the tool they prefer, and I sure am glad there are several computer makers and software makers out there because that it what creates the competition to improve things every day. Each brand and title has its place doing various tasks for the various humans. BTW I own Numerous Windows PCs, 2 Macs, and several Linux Machines.
The thing that the super marketing people do that is frustrating is miss lead the masses into thinking that either their brand does something the best, exclusively or that the thing is super new. iCloud is an example of that, we are all being told that the new iCloud is this amazing online storage thingy where stuff just magically synchronizes. iCloud is a wonderful service and is nicely built and matches up with the iPhone well, new? Not so much, Windows Live, and MS Office Groove, and MS SharePoint, and many others have been doing for years, yup years… I have had a Windows Live online swap space for a long time…its now called “Sky Drive” , Groove is super cool and Share Point is the same thing, Sprint has been allowing me free space for years to store and share my phone pictures and vids and of course I have had my own space on the web as every good ultra-geek should.
So Back in 1998 Steve Jobs made the famous announcement about the iMac ! and the “I” stuff all came to be… with all the hype oddly I had to go look up what the “I” was for… well even Apple is iffy but for sure it’s for internet and maybe also for individual, inspire, instruct, inform. Pretty cool… It progresses to all these years of iPods, another of those “things” that makes a good old “form ever follows function” guy cringe, beautiful devices but by and large the single most overpriced under functioned mp3 player out there, your forced to use iTunes which in the beginning and for many years was intolerably bad software, a network guy’s and over the home network music sharer’s nightmare and well just not very feature rich, bloated with DRM to the point of frustration.
Oh yah the iPhone…. Well all these years of the buzz and hype of the iPhone and well go figure it won’t do the 4 simple things I need at the time (remote desktop, play windows media streams, connect to MSExchange and fluidly work with MS office docs) and as usual all I see people who flipped the big bucks for the super sexy looking device do is play games and music and yammer on loudly in all sorts of public places like people do when they get a cell phone. So conclusion at the time? Another very elegant but function lacking Apple product that out hypes the better cheaper offerings…. Ahh now we are getting to what had to change! IMHO Apple had to get this thing out of “Play School” and into business, Real Business, nerdy crazy geeky network admin business.
One more small rant before the excitement… oh come on by now your hanging on every word. We have now a host of “I” things…. Most of which follow what I have come to expect… iTouch ??? What?? A mobile internet device / music player that has no internet connection of its own??? Just depends on somebody else’s WiFi… weird… iPods this has actually become what people call all mp3 players just like “skill saw” means circular saw. But iPods still remain to be the “prettiest” an some like that super small Nano are pretty nifty, but features vs. price and flexibility… why??
The iPad practically makes me nutty (I may already be nutty) I have a tablet, it’s the same price as an iPad, it’s the same size (when its nifty keyboard dock is removed) but its full-fledged Windows 7 Pro computer complete with all of my full versions of software on it. So why get stuck in an oversized phone you can’t talk on called an iPad for the same money? Advertising and “iHype” is why. I use mine with a regular wireless mouse and keyboard when I am at desk too. Mostly what I see happen about 3 weeks after somebody buys an iPad is the kids are playing games on it to occupy themselves… I guess.. but a DS is cheaper.
OK so now the super glowing stuff… I had the unique opportunity to have hands on access to the iPhone since Becky got one a few months back, she decided to get it and I thought it OK based on all the research and news of the improvements and changes in the product. I also had access to Greg’s Samsung Galaxy 2 and Ryan’s Replenish and several others. As I said it was grueling… honestly the Galaxy (Android) and the iPhone (IOS) were so neck and neck it was painful. The 2 biggest thing that tipped the scale were 1, as much as I LOVE that huge screen on the Galaxy I did not think I could successfully carry it. 2, iPhone has one simple feature no other OS has “Text Tones” can be individualized to specific people in your contacts list just like ring tones. Why is that so cool?? Here’s the thing… we all do different things, I do a lot of different things, at any given moment I could be lugging equipment, under a truck, on a ladder, in a piece of mechanical equipment, in a show, covered in nasty goo, and so on… all situations where taking the phone off of the belt and looking to see the caller / message sender is, to that end for many years I have used dozens of ring tomes to identify the caller before even looking at the phone, well I use text a lot since the message sits there patiently waiting for me to have moment to look at the phone but I also get rather urgent emergency texts/calls from various places so I am forced to look quite soon each time it goes off… your getting it…. Text Tones !!!!! I also think I will really dig Siri, and having a camera that is excellent quality and super-fast will be great. I cannot count the missed opportunities from having a slow camera phone or the ones I simply chose not to even have the battle for.
Some more…. In the past the “box” that apple lives in has been kind of a dis service in my mind to their systems fining wide spread use. For the iPhone one magical thing has come out of that… since the iPhone and actually most iThings have the same charger/data port on them the makers of accessories have been able to make a lot of really cool stuff to attach to them ! With Android and Windows using lots of hardware makers you may not even be able to get an accessory and if you could it will be useless when you change devices again, very frustrating… chargers are one thing, credit card swipers, audio capture devices and docks are another entirely.
So as indicated I have played with my “in home demo” and found that Apple made some super awesome choices, they had to work with MS a little and the result is a pretty super doper phone that does a lot of things and has the always expected Apple touch of “It Just Works!” I have spent a lot of time with phones complaining that it just won’t do what it says on the box, well the iPhone Does what it says on the box! And a whole bunch more.
The journey also made me test/analyze myself as well as the devices (as it should) but we often forget to do this. For a long time now I have been vehement that I MUST have a physical keyboard and the reason being so I can one handedly type without looking at it. Well when I tested myself it turns out I am looking at my physical keyboard despite the tactile buttons, I was just fooling myself thinking I could do it without looking. And differences in physical keyboards turned out to be just as vexing as trying the virtual on screen ones. In the test I did on all devices I could lay hands on I actually found I was able to type quite well and quite rapidly on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard which also changes just the right amount when turned landscape for two handed operation, some physical and virtual keyboards get too big.
So now I await the arrival of my very own iPhone 4S, feels weird to say that! But I am super excited and I have everything ready for it to be connected and feel right at home, I am anxious to have a device “that just does it” when I press the buttons.

Windows 7 and Ubuntu….

July 2nd, 2010

Weird combinaton eh? well I have recently configured a few dual boot (and some quad boot)  Win 7 and Ubuntu systems, both operating systems are quite nice.  Win 7 is a superior system for almost anybody I find it robust full featured stable and very friendly, none better out there on any platform. One feature is gthe on the fly disk image tool in the maintenance area of Win 7, this is what should be in the MS advertising ! a HUGE breakthrough, we geeks have had some toold for years for disk imaging most of them a pain to use that we have never gotten users to actually use but this is superb!  My Ubuntu experiments prove out that open source is getting much more friendly and less reserved for us Penguin heads, I have maintained a flavor Linux in some for on several machines for years but this one is easy to install for an average user and very robust, as always it’s not soon going to take over the corporate office but it will definately find a  place it it.  I have switched my network diagnostic laptop to include Ubuntu as a choice along with SuSe and Win 7 and Win XP.

Email and Your ISP

June 26th, 2009

Many folks are convinced that their email has to be etc and that they must use the ISP email when connected through them.  We reccommend actually staying away from that, for home users using your ISPs email as provided means if you change internet companies then you have to change email.  For Business its unproffessional looking to have  an ISP email rather than your own domain.  For our business customers we can get you a domain, website and full featured email. For our home customers we can get you a nice email address that you will never have to change with access everywhere on the globe.  We even have a work around for ISPs that try to block the mail ports in order to try to force you to use theirs!

Disks and Printers

June 25th, 2009

Now you all should know by now we are the founders of the “Refuse to Print Club” !! But for your photo printers and rare special documents we all have to have a printer around.  When you buy a printer the first thing you will want to do is THROW OUT THE CD ! , yup, toss it!  Many many times they are out dated before you even get the printer and almost always they are loaded with poor quality software that changes your settings and interferes with your workflow.  Simply go to the manufacturers website and look for the latest “driver only” and use that.  Trust me…. ask us for more help if you need it or have us proffessionally install your printer or other systems.

Disks and the Internet

June 25th, 2009

Did you know that unless you do not have network  jack on your computer that you should NEVER need a disk or software to get internet from any company?  Lots of ISPs try to force “branding” on you or change your settings and slow you down by telling you that you need a disk or software, NOT TRUE!  The same for many hardware companies Like the makers of routers or switches.  The ONLY thing that will need a driver is a network card and most of them don’t unless you have an older operating system.  So remember THROW OUT THE DISKS !  ask us for more info on how to set up a “clean” network and ISP.

Stay Safe while social networking !

June 25th, 2009

Social Networks are great for business and friends but they can contain some things that are bad for you or your computer !  We can help you stay safe and if you have trouble we can help get you back on track.

We are creating a new interior kit for the mobile bus!

June 25th, 2009

It will be specialy designed for sound work.  We have done 4 gigs in the rain recently:-)   we are also looking to get the bus painted !

Welcome To FT News!

June 23rd, 2009

Hi All !  We are joining the social networking craze in FT style (our own News area)